Custom California and Federal Labor Law Posters: Call 1-800-331-8877 to Order 

Custom California and Federal Labor Law Posters

Let us do the work so you don't have to.

Starting at $35.99 each
(Minimum Order of 25)

Available in following Options:

  • Paper Posters (English)
  • Paper Posters (Spanish)
  • Laminated Posters (English)
  • Laminated Posters (Spanish)

Call 1-800-331-8877 before 1/31/2023 to place your order. Priority code offers are not applicable.


If you need 25 or more posters to meet your California/Federal posting requirement for each business location and jobsite, consider the value of CalChamber adding your logo and filling in emergency, payday and other required information for employees that’s specific to your company. Let us do the work so you don't have to.

Note: Customization is limited to adding in your company’s information where appropriate. Otherwise, CalChamber will not remove, modify, or alter agency notices in any way.

See the Volume Pricing chart below for per-poster pricing. Preferred/Executive Members receive their 20% member discount


For a minimum quantity of 25 per Item # ordered, we’ll customize your all-in-one California and Federal Labor Law posters with the following: 

  • Company logo and contact information 
  • Emergency contact information 
  • Payday information 
  • Boxes checked for applicable Family and Medical Leave Notices 
  • Medical Provider Network (MPN) and other Workers’ Compensation information 

After completing your custom poster purchase, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to a Customer Information PDF for you to complete and return. The notification also includes Instructions on providing your company logo and contact information. 

Your custom posters contain these required California and Federal employment notices: 

  • Transgender Rights in the Workplace (DFEH) 
  • Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Act of 2014 - Paid Sick Leave 
  • Equal Employment Opportunity is THE LAW 
  • Notice to Employees (EDD: UI, DI and PFL) 
  • California Minimum Wage 
  • Federal Minimum Wage 
  • Your Rights Under USERRA 
  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job (Cal/OSHA) 
  • Notice to Employees-Injuries Caused by Work (Division of Workers' Compensation) 
  • California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment (DFEH) 
  • Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee 
  • Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave 
  • Employee Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act 
  • Whistleblowers Are Protected 
  • Time Off to Vote 
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act 
  • Emergency Contacts 
  • Payday Notice 


Quantity - Custom Paper

Online Members & Nonmembers

Preferred  & Executive Members


$35.99 each



$32.99 each



$31.34 each



$29.69 each



$28.04 each



$26.39 each


1,000 +

$24.74 each


Quantity - Custom Laminated

Online Members & Nonmembers

Preferred  & Executive Members


$48.99 each



$46.99 each



$44.64 each



$42.29 each



$39.94 each



$37.59 each


1,000 +

$35.24 each


Note: Auto-Ship and Poster Protect ® are not available for custom posters, and priority code offers are not applicable. For custom posters, any mandatory update during a poster year is provided electronically for you to print and fit over the outdated notice.

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