Terms and Conditions
Membership Auto-Renew and Auto-Ship Programs

You hereby agree to the terms and conditions of CalChamber's Membership Auto-Renew and/or Auto-Ship Programs ("Program"). You certify that you are an authorized agent or representative of your company and are authorized to enter into this agreement on behalf of your company. 


Under the Membership Auto-Renew Program, your membership in CalChamber will automatically renew each year for an additional one (1) year (the "Renewal Term") until you opt-out of the automatic renewal.

You hereby agree that if you have chosen to be in the Membership Auto-Renew Program, any additional accesses you have purchased or will purchase during the initial term or a Renewal Term will also auto-renew on the renewal date for your membership (the "Renewal Date") for the Renewal Term. Additional accesses will auto-renew on the Renewal Date and for the price for the full Renewal Term even if the additional accesses were purchased on a different date and at a prorated price.

You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time up to twenty-four (24) hours before your Renewal Date ("Opt-Out Deadline"). If you do not opt-out before the Opt-Out Deadline, your membership and any additional accesses will automatically renew, and your credit card will automatically be charged.

You are responsible for ensuring that a valid credit card is on file. Membership dues must be paid for continued access to membership benefits including but not limited to member discounts and access to HRCalifornia.

Discounts received on membership or the costs of additional accesses are only applied in the initial term. All renewals will be at the full price at the time of renewal. 


Under the Auto-Ship Program, CalChamber will automatically send the designated products on a yearly basis until you cancel the service. CalChamber will ship your products after they arrive at CalChamber's warehouse, if applicable. You can modify or cancel your Auto-ship order at any time before the products are shipped. CalChamber, in its sole discretion, may require receipt of payment before shipping products if no credit card is on file or if previous payment was received past the due date. CalChamber will notify you if payment is required before shipment. 


If you do not cancel by the Opt-Out Deadline or before your Auto-Ship products ship, you will be responsible for paying for all charges. The credit card used to pay for the Auto-Ship order will be attached to your account and automatically charged at the rates in effect at the time of renewal or shipment. If your company has an existing Auto-Ship order with the same billing and shipping contact (viewable under Manage Auto-Ship), the most recent payment method provided will be applied to the entire Auto-Ship order. 


Under both Programs


The prices for membership, additional accesses or your Auto-Ship products are subject to change each year. Before membership renewal or shipment of products, CalChamber will remind you of the upcoming renewal or the products that you will receive. Information regarding the prices to be applied is available in "My Account." To modify or cancel your Auto-Ship order select "Manage Auto-Ship". To cancel the Membership Auto-Renew, select "Manage Membership". You can also email Customer Service (customer.service@calchamber.com) or call (800) 331-8877. 


These Terms apply only to the Membership Auto-Renew/Auto-Ship Programs. Individual products include the terms that govern the use of those specified products. 


You agree that any claim arising out of or relating to the Program shall be settled by binding arbitration utilizing one arbitrator and in accordance with the then current Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association ("AAA"). You and CalChamber may mutually agree to an arbitrator or may select an arbitrator from the AAA; if we cannot agree on an arbitrator, then one shall be selected by the AAA. Neither you nor CalChamber shall be entitled to join or consolidate claims in arbitration or arbitrate any claim as a representative or member of a class. By agreeing to this agreement, you are waiving your right to go to Court, including the right to a jury.  


This agreement shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. Should any portion of these terms and conditions be found to be invalid or unlawful, the remaining provisions shall continue to be enforceable. 


Version 3.0 - 11/30/2022