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Improper lifting is a major cause of on-the-job injuries which can result in reduced workplace productivity and Workers Compensation claims. This visual reference to lifting displays the proper way to lift and move heavy objects.

This poster includes visual depictions of safe ways to lift and tells your employees when they should seek assistance. Poster includes graphical depictions of techniques and step-by-step instructions. Keep your workers’ compensation claims down by posting this reminder for your employees.

Why Buy
  • Reduce the potential for a workers’ compensation claim
  • Inexpensive solution to keep employees healthy and on the job
  • Reinforces IIPP Cal/OSHA safety requirements
  • A quick visual reference to prevent lifting injuries
  • Realistic illustrations are easy to understand by English- and non-English-speaking employees
  • Functional size for easy posting (21” x 27.5”)
  • Laminated for durability
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Correct Lifting Procedures & Techniques Poster

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