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This supervisor training course reflects amendments to the Fair Employment and Housing Act that took effect April 1, 2016.

April 1 content updates to this fully compliant course include:

  • Expanded definitions of gender, including transgender, gender expression and gender identity
  • Lessons to help supervisors recognize harassment and respond appropriately
  • Updated mandatory harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention policy with specific provisions required by law for all California employers, as well as a required confirmation of receipt

California companies with 50 or more employees are required by law to provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisors in California within six months of hire or promotion, and every two years thereafter.

Regardless of company size, CalChamber recommends harassment prevention training for all supervisors and employees. Just ask any employer blindsided by a workplace harassment lawsuit—the financial costs are enormous, not to mention the damage to a company's reputation, employee morale and productivity.

CalChamber's online supervisor course for individual learning meets state training requirements, making it easy to educate employees and fulfill your compliance.

Engaging videos provide relevant content and cover real workplace issues such as false accusations, harassment by a vendor and harassment based on ethnicity.

Bilingual: Learners can take the self-paced course in English or Spanish.

We've updated our Learning Management System (LMS)—giving administrators greater flexibility to create and auto-generate custom reports and email notifications; upload learners and assign training at the same time, and much more.

Product Features
  1. Tablet and desktop ready: Learners can take the course on the go, using most tablets—or simply from their desktop.
  2. Two-hour requirement: Meet state requirements with content developed by legal experts and HR training professionals to help supervisors avoid and prevent harassment.
  3. Recordkeeping: Allows administrators to comply with California requirements relating to training documentation.
  4. Easy start-up for admin: Get a quick, two-step learner enrollment process—with the option to upload and assign training at the same time.
  5. Automatic notification: System notifies learners of course assignments and sends reminder emails, after initial setup.
  6. One-click reporting: Access system's one-click status report on course completions.
  7. Custom reports: Create and auto-generate custom reports and email notifications.
  8. Sample of required policy: Use it to fulfill your obligation to distribute a written policy to all employees on preventing harassment, discrimination and retaliation.
  9. Engaged learning: Interactive features help supervisors understand federal and California harassment law through true/false, multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and progressive quizzes.
  10. Relevant content: Course content deals with current issues in the workplace—presented in office, medical and warehouse scenarios.
  11. Ease of use: Learners experience intuitive navigation.
  12. Self-paced: System automatically tracks learners' progress so they can start and stop the course anytime, letting them move at their own pace.
  13. Learner assistance: Supervisors can use the "Ask the Expert" feature to email content-related questions directly to CalChamber’s training experts.
  14. "Help" button: Learners can send technical-related questions directly to the Learning Management System team through the "Help" button.
  15. Course review: Final review questions reinforce supervisors' understanding of important issues around discrimination and harassment.
  16. Text option for videos: Learners can choose to view a text-based version of the videos.
  17. Full-year access: Each learner has up to a full year from the date of purchase to complete the course.
  18. Bilingual: Learners can take the course in English or Spanish.
  19. Admin Support Central: Access FAQs and other helpful information here, including contacting our support team by email, live chat or phone (weekdays).
  20. Admin Corner: Find tips, tricks and more regarding administrative functions.


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California Harassment Prevention Training - 2 Hour Supervisor Version

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